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We provide lotto results content services like this convenient self-updating applet to news channels and portals. Our range of data and content services includes; interactive lotto results content for news websites, XML, sms and WAP. For more information contact or call +64 9 361 4441 and tell us what you need.

Free Services

The average Net user is looking to quickly satisfy their daily information needs without having to search numerous sites to find the information they are looking for.

We provide free Lotto Results services to individuals and other web sites. Most of these services are provided on a "value exchange" basis - the site concerned gets to add valuable, regularly updated lotto results for their visitors and Lotto Results gets the opportunity to more widely display its advertisers' messages.

The Mini Lotto Results

It's a great free lottery results service from Lotto Results bringing the very latest lottery results to YOUR web pages - updated after every lotto draw. The Mini Lotto Results itself is a very small image that can be added to your own pages by including just a small amount of HTML code:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

Paste the above code onto your web site and Lotto Results takes care of everything else. We collect the very latest Lotto Results and deliver them to your pages through the Mini Lotto Results. The Mini Lotto Results provide your visitors with a stream of regularly updated content, the kind of sticky content that keeps them coming back for more.

Here is what a website manager says about the mini lotto results service.
"Lotto Results has established itself as a very reliable source of lottery information and news. Many of our members have thanked us for providing the lotto results on our site and we have experienced an increase in hits which we believe is due to having the results available on site." Sheryl Fairbairn, Ltd, December 2000
Free Lotto Results Email Service

No more driving down to the corner shop and buying a newspaper to check your lotto results. No longer are you dictated to by the TV stations schedule. No more dredging through search engines to find your Lotto game. This timely and free service from Lotto Results will send the latest results for your lotto game direct to YOUR computer by e-mail.

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